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19.04.2024: The European Commission is open to requiring cold treatment for all imported citrus fruits

19.04.2024: Turkey: Construction begun for Phalaenopsis propagation lab in Çanakkale

19.04.2024: US (FL): Biology researchers seek to protect endangered plants

19.04.2024: China: Diamond made from peony-derived elements made in Henan

18.04.2024: Spain: Sant Jordi rose harvest hit by climate change

18.04.2024: UK: Wet weather threatening flower event

18.04.2024: "Petunia varieties bring color to spring gardens"

18.04.2024: India: Peony flower trials in Palampur cheer farm scientists

17.04.2024: Chile’s 2024 table grape harvest coming to an end

17.04.2024: Mexico's agricultural exports see growth in early 2024

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