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10.05.2024: Peru's strawberry exports fell by 66% in March

10.05.2024: Avocado production is trending in Brazil

10.05.2024: CAN (SK): USask agriculture research receives $25M boost

10.05.2024: High tech agricultural technology in greenhouse production

09.05.2024: Nigeria's agricultural sector faces challenges due to increased production costs

09.05.2024: Vietnam: Firm exports first batch of lotus roots to Japan

09.05.2024: Research discovers plants utilize drought stress hormone to block snacking spider mites

09.05.2024: Why controlling weeds is so difficult?

09.05.2024: Antagonistic microorganisms delay Fusarium oxysporum infection in gerbera

08.05.2024: Ginger market crisis: record-high prices trigger importers’ alarm

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