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19.09.2022: Turkish florists in rush meet soaring demand after Queen Elizabeth’s death

16.09.2022: Largest wildflower farm in the US blooms in Fredericksburg

16.09.2022: Feeding the soul: Violet Maston shares love of flowers at Sweet Violet Farm

16.09.2022: Flowers from Canberra to feature at Queen's funeral

15.09.2022: Crisis update: 'There is enough supply to bring gas prices down'

15.09.2022: Digital germination analysis system ensures more accurate germination counts

15.09.2022: Ethylene sensitivity of popular rose varieties

15.09.2022: Using coatings to save energy

15.09.2022: Profile Products acquires Nivetha Exporters

15.09.2022: Flowering in Hylocereus spp.: comparative analysis and self-incompatibility

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