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26.09.2022: Good autumn harvest of fresh porcini mushrooms

26.09.2022: Some grape producers see no way out of the crisis

26.09.2022: FruitMasters to cease auction sales on January 1, 2023

26.09.2022: India: low flower sales lead to price decrease in Koyembedu market

26.09.2022: "Cuttings and young plants from locations within Europe are more in demand than ever"

23.09.2022: Italy expects smaller sizes of pears but with great quality

23.09.2022: Sales of Ecuador bananas dropped by 14% in Italy between January and July 2022

23.09.2022: Raspberry tree gives 'back-friendly harvest'

23.09.2022: From Kenya to the world: flowers by ocean

23.09.2022: Phalaenopsis grows in the desert of Inner Mongolia, and market demand is increasing

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