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08.05.2024: Kenya to host the 11th International Flower Trade Exhibition

08.05.2024: UK flower industry thrown into chaos by new Brexit border checks

08.05.2024: Increasing diversity of flowering plants near greenhouses raises thrip population

08.05.2024: How greenhouse horticulture can benefit from carbon capture

07.05.2024: Coleus downy mildew is out and about

07.05.2024: A tulip frenzy in the Netherlands

07.05.2024: Funding Innovation for the Industry: 2024-2025 Research Funding

07.05.2024: New UK trade checks will escalate import costs

06.05.2024: FAO to celebrate the International Year of the Woman Farmer in 2026

06.05.2024: India: Flower vendors struggle amid heatwave in Bengaluru

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