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08.09.2022: Drought impacted the Polish cauliflower harvest

08.09.2022: "Thanks to acreage expansion, larger export volumes will be available to us"

08.09.2022: French mushrooms: a booming market

08.09.2022: “Despite the challenges with inflation, this year is more promising for us as a company”

06.09.2022: "Pears: Drought to lead to stressed market, at first, with shortages toward the end"

06.09.2022: Midwestern apple growers impressed by quality extension technology

06.09.2022: Sustainable travel for fresh roses by sea

05.09.2022: Chilean clementine season ends with exports down 39%

05.09.2022: “September will be our peak month in terms of exports”

02.09.2022: Kenya: Shipping of flower exports gains momentum

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