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News » 22.09.2022 - China's domestic kiwifruit is developing well

 Kiwifruit is known to be one of the varieties with the highest vitamin C content. In the year before last, the early harvesting of kiwifruit was the most serious in recent years, which had a great impact on the entire domestic kiwifruit industry, and the price of that year was also the lowest.

In this context, early harvesting has been alleviated since last year, and prices of kiwifruit have begun to gradually recover. The situation eased further this year, and the price increase is also expected by the industry. According to statistics, from July 15 to September 9, the trading volume of kiwifruit increased slightly by 3% year-on-year, and the average price was 13.78 yuan/kg, an increase of 22.11% year-on-year.

China is the origin of kiwifruit, and the area and output of hanging fruits still rank first in the world. In terms of regional distribution of the industry, the planting area in Shaanxi accounts for about 40% of the total planting area in the whole country. However, there was more rain in Shaanxi this year, and there were fewer flowers and fewer fruits. The output in Shaanxi was reduced. From July 15 to September 9, the trading volume of kiwifruit in Shaanxi fell by 10.5% year-on-year.

In contrast, the overall trading of Sichuan's red kiwifruit and yellow kiwifruit is more outstanding, and the trading volume of Sichuan kiwifruit increased by 48.32% year-on-year. However, the overall transaction scale in Sichuan is still no better than that of Shaanxi kiwifruit, and the transaction volume is less than half of Shaanxi kiwifruit.

From the current market transactions, the trade of kiwifruit is more concentrated, perhaps affected by the previous years. Everyone understands that it is not so easy to do a good job with kiwifruit. however, the wholesale department engaged in kiwifruit sales is showing a good direction of development.

China's kiwi fruit imports are far greater than exports, and the proportion of imports and exports is seriously imbalanced. The imported kiwifruit is mainly from New Zealand, Chile, and Italy. The import volume from these three countries accounts for more than 95% of the total imports, of which New Zealand accounts for about 70% of the total.

However, from the perspective of consumption, China is not short of kiwifruit planting. The issue is that there is not a certain subject or brand to guide consumption in the market. More kiwi enterprises like to imitate imported kiwifruit, overall still taking the route of low-end products.



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