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News » 24.09.2021 - Ukraine exports potatoes to Serbia and Belarus, while importing them from Moldova


The harvesting of potatoes is still ongoing in most regions of Ukraine, but the international trade is unusually active. Strangely, Ukraine now both exports and imports marketable potatoes.

There are the potato imports from Moldova. These are unusual, primarily, because Moldova has traditionally been the main potato market for Ukrainian potato growers. Packaged, calibrated, washed potatoes were normally supplied from Ukraine to Moldova, the demand for which was high among supermarket chains in the country, and in Moldova none of the growers had the capacity for post-harvest handling for potatoes.

In addition, potato production in Ukraine was better developed, while Moldovan farmers focused on fruit production. This kept the prices for potatoes high, which gradually attracted more and more producers to this sector, mainly from the grain segment.

In the 2020/21 season, Moldovan potato prices turned out to be extremely low due to cheap imports from the EU. This, in turn, was associated with a shortage of demand for potatoes due to lockdowns and restaurant closings. However, growers in Moldova did not reduce their acreage, as they used the remains of unsold marketable potatoes as planting material.



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