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News » 23.02.2021 - New flower varieties will appear in Khabarovsk for the International Women’s Day


The growers of Khabarovsk acquired elite tulip, daffodil and hyacinth bulbs last year. About 7.5 thousand flowers are gaining strength in Gorzelenstroy greenhouses at the moment.

Kung Fu, Albino, Stron Gold are the varieties of tulips that first spent three months in the fridge and later were transferred to the greenhouse but are still kept under close supervision.

“Last year potted hyacinths were sold like pancakes. This year, we have planted 500 high quality bulbs. As an experiment, we decided to make the same decision about daffodils. They have already shown their buds, we believe that they should bloom right for the Women’s International Day,” shares the landscape designer of the enterprise, Ms. Elena Lutsenko.

Some of the flowers could not wait to show their beauty and in order to slow down the process the growers had to send them back to the fridge. There at the temperature of +5 C the rapid growth has been taken under control.

The biggest crop collection starts in the beginning of the next month. The growers believe that a bouquet of fresh flowers will be the best present of this spring and of all times.



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