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News » 22.02.2021 - Belgian producer faced the need to find alternative markets for its products.

Bel’export is still recovering from the wounds hit by the Russian ban for their products since 2014.


The company faced the need to find alternative markets for their products, especially for their most popular Conference pear variety. In 2021, they forecast that the Belgian production volume will increase from 350.000 tons to 500.000 tons due to the young orchards coming up in production.


After a long marketing investigation they found out that it would be more efficient to enter the market of such neighbourhood countries as Germany, with pears consumption of 2 kilos per capita, and apples consumption of 10 kilos per capita.


Tony Derwael, the buying manager at Bel’export, commented: “We also have to deal with the trend of the upcoming local production, not alone inside but as well outside the EU. Countries are promoting their own production as close as possible to the selling point (local to local). For Belgium, as an exporter with a small internal market, it is very difficult to compete”.


“Climate change is one of the most challenging circumstances of today. Due to the warm winters and early springs with the higher risk of frost damage and hot and dry summers of the last years, growing apples, pears and cherries without irrigation is getting almost impossible. You need to have a lot of water to irrigate the crop properly, which brings the next problem. To have enough water in the summertime it’s necessary to accumulate big reservoirs to store the water from the winter time”, said Mr. Derwael.


Bel’export is a family entity based in Borgloon, Belgium. With almost 100 years of history, run by already the 4th generation, they focus on cultivating, harvesting, sorting, storing, packaging and transporting fruits and vegetables.

The company has been renowned for its high-quality products and service in every aspect of the production process and commercialisation.




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