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News » 14.01.2021 - Spaniards continue to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

In November 2020, the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables at home reached 669 million kilos, of which 341 million kilos were fruits; vegetables – 238 million kilos; potatoes – 90 million kilos.


The total consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables from January to November 2020 increased by 7.979 million kilos, which is 10 percent more than in November 2019. Fruits have totaled 4,265 million kilos (+7 percent); vegetables – 2,732 million kilos (+12 percent) and potatoes – 981 million kilos (+15 percent).


Expenses for fresh fruit and vegetables consumed at home in the first 11 months of 2020 reached 13,498 million euros, which means a growth of 19 percent compared to the same period of last year, with 7,301 million euros corresponding to fruits (+22 percent); 5,312 million euros to vegetables (+16 percent) and 885 million euros to potatoes (+16 percent).


According to FEPEX, during the months of total confinement, the volumes of consumption at home have significantly increased, by 40 percent in April and 22 percent in May. In the summer when the restrictions ended, consumption rose only by 4.5 percent in July and 1 percent in August. With the return of movement restrictions and confinements in the fall, consumption rose again by 11 percent in October and 10 percent in November.





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