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News » 13.01.2021 - Bolivia seeks to boost banana exports to the European market


Bolivia seeks to increase its banana production capacity to export this product to the European market via the National Banana Plan, a project promoted by producers from the Cochabamba tropics and the National Fund for Integral Development, dependent on the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands.

According to Agustin Conde, the president of the Cochabamba Tropic Banana Community Organization, “Ecuador reaches the European market because it has its innovation center, in vitro plants, and cutting-edge technology for its banana production. We don't have a facility with these characteristics. That's why we have worked on a program so that we can compete with our product."

According to Conde, the National Banana Program would allow the country to go from exporting 6 million boxes of bananas in the previous season to 10 million boxes, which would represent an extra income for the country.

"We have the finished project. Next week we'll be meeting with the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands and the Ministry of Productive Development and Plural Economy to discuss the issue," he said.





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