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News » 20.11.2020 - Forecasted 30% reduction in the garlic harvest in the region of Córdoba

The rains have shortened the harvest of quality garlic destined for direct sale to the consumer by 30 percent in the Montalbán area, the main Andalusian production company in Córdoba.

Miguel del Pino, the national president of the Asaja Garlic Sector and one of the producers of this region, said that the rains had an impact on lower production and its quality. Some of the product has a black skin and cannot go to the final consumer.

Nevertheless, the quality of the harvest was good and its sales could reach the entire harvest, so there won’t be any garlic left in the cold stores when the next harvest begins.

This occurs because of the cease of garlic exports from China in the beginning of the season, which led to an increased demand in such countries as Jordan or Israel, which have never purchased the product in Spain before.

In the previous season, the area had 3,500 hectares destined to garlic cultivation. In the coming season there will be a reduction of about 5 percent in planted areas in the Montalban area, where 40 percent of Andalusian garlic production is focused.



Source : www.lavanguardia

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