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News » 15.10.2020 - Water will be the determining factor for the 2020/21 citrus season

In Morocco, the 1st evaluations for the 2020/21 citrus season predicted a higher volume of 29% compared to the previous season. But the industry estimates that the volume will be much lower because of the scarcity of water and the drying up of dams.

The Ministry of Agriculture had estimated 2020/21 citrus production 29% higher than the previous year. Despite the good year of alternation (the citrus tree alternates a year of high production after a year of low production), Moroccan professionals are worried about the scarcity of water.

The little rains and the drying up of the dams raise fears of a bad season. In some producing regions, the average filling rate of dams dedicated to irrigation is barely 28% compared to 53.4% ​​a year ago. Citrus growers are forced to irrigate only part of their orchards. Another concern, drought has a strong effect on the quality of the fruit and its size.

Current estimates are a long way from the initial forecasts and the total volume of exports is now expected to be around 500,000 tonnes.



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