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News » 08.04.2016 - Exorbitant prices at origin for late oranges

The citrus season in Spain is already in its final stages; there are increasingly smaller volumes of mandarins and the campaign will continue with late oranges until late June.

With regard to oranges, such as the Navel Powel and Valencia Late, an industry source said there had been market speculation due to the sharp fall in production, pointing out that high prices at origin were paid two months before harvesting. "We can say that, unlike last year, this year oranges will come with better calibres, which is also currently leading them to reach exorbitant prices. This will hamper competition with Morocco and Egypt in these final stages."

At the moment, the main variety marketed is the Navel Lane Late, with prices exceeding 35 cents, and the first Navel Powel, Barnfield and Chislett are reaching 45 cents per kilo; meanwhile, the Valencia Late, Barberina and MidNight are being sold for between 30 and 42 cents per kilo in Valencia.

The stocks of late Nadorcott and Murcott mandarins are already very small, but there is still some Orri available, with prices reaching almost 1 Euro per kilo at origin, as well as some Ortanique, which are much cheaper, with about 20 cents per kilo.



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