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News » 08.04.2016 - Less Spanish tomatoes expected

A lot of tomato plants in Almeria aged faster due to a large harvest in the period October to January. The expectation is that the supply in the rest of the season will be noticeably lower than that in the previous two years. AgriDesk Espana has mapped out the developments of tomatoes and cucumbers in Almeria for GroentenFruit Huis. The winter season of cucumbers went financially bad in Spain. The surface of spring cultivation is around the same size as last year at 400 hectares.

Tomatoes are grown on over 10,000 hectares in Almeria. For the season 2015/16 a stable surface compared to last season is expected. Almeria has roughly three production areas: Nijar on the east side of the province Almeria, La Cañada east of the city Almeria and El Poniente near El Ejido. The production area around Nijar has grown the fastest in recent years. Tomatoes are being produced on around 5,000 hectares here this year. In the last three years the area of tomatoes has grown by 1,000 hectares.

Cucumbers are grown on 4,000 hectares in Almeria, whilst there are 2,600 hectares in the neighbouring province of Granada, divided over two cultivations. The early cucumbers are grown in Almeria around El Ejido, whilst the cultivation of late cucumbers (harvest until March) take place around Roquetas de Mar. Of the spring cultivation around 300 hectares can be found in Almeria and 100 hectares in Granada.


Source: www.GroentenFruit Huis 

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