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News » 07.04.2016 - Janny MT prolongs availability with better storage

French pear growers are enjoying greater availability for their pears by using Janny MT storage containers. Several growers have attested to the effectiveness of the containers in extending the time they can keep pears in storage – sometimes by up to six weeks longer than when put in conventional cold storage.

"The use of strategic preservation adds value to surplus production," noted Janny MT's Delphine Schaefer. "You can extend the sales period and select the most profitable sales network." Because there's not as much of a time crunch to get the pears out of storage, inventory can be better managed.

"The Janny modules give me flexibility and connection with cold rooms rented off-site," noted Jean-Bernard Merlo, a pear grower from Domaine de la Faugarde. "It is a real advantage not to have to buy fruit from outside sources at the end of the season. If I had to buy from a cooperative, I would pay around twice as much as my production cost."

Not only do pears keep longer with the containers, but, when used with a bag of Sorbacal, pears sensitive to carbon dioxide, like the Conference and Packham, come out of storage with fewer brown cores and in better overall shape.

"The quality benefits are indisputable," said Jerome Vallet, a pear grower from Domaine Les Ormes. "The fruit is well preserved and retains its firmness. The quality of the skin on the Williams pears at the end of the preservation period means they can be packed by machine without damaging the fruit. The pears remain firm with a light yellow color that the large food retailers and end customers appreciate."


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