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The International Agro-Industry Association (hereon refered to as TAA) has been active since the beginning of 2006. TAA unites members, which have concerns about the export of the agricultural production of plant origin to the Russian market. TAA began to offer basic services in June 2006, which attracted great interest among exporters.

Entire production of plant origin is exported in accordance with the requirements of international convention on the protection of plants (1951); however, Russia imposes the separate (specific) requirements, about which the majorities of exporters, which have Lithuanian certificate for production, learned only during the intersection of country-borders of the Russian Federation.

TAA and the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary supervision with the RF Ministry of Agriculture, and also the All-Russian center of the quarantine of plants signed a  memorandum of collaboration. Basic purposes of the collaboration - to carry out the preliminary phytosanitary examination of the loads of plant origin, which follow into the Russian Federation through the territory of the countries of the European community, approaching correspondence with in force of phytosanitary standards of the Russian Federation.

TAA has the right to carry out examinations of the exported production of plant origin and to issue the report of compliance with  phytosanitary regulations of the Russian Federation. The main users of our services are companies that are exporting to Russia; flowers, seedlings, vegetables, fruits, and also any other products of plant origin.

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