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News » 14.10.2021 - Tunisian date crop estimated at 368.500 tons


Tunisian industry experts estimates a date crop of 368.500 tons in the 2021/2022 season, against 344.600 tons during the past season. This is an increase of 7%, despite the recurring problems of the previous season, namely the difficulty of marketing and selling dates on the ground.

According to Interprofessional Fruit Group (GIFRUITS) Director General Samir Ben Sliman, the production of the variety "Deglet Nour" is estimated at 305,000 tons against 283,000 in the previous season. He added that Tozeur has the lion's share of production with about 66.600 tons, followed by Kebili with 26.500 tons, Gabes with 25,000 tons and Gafsa with 11.700 tons.

With regard to the quality of the production, Ben Sliman pointed out that the current season is characterized by the rise in temperatures registered in July and August, specifying that the record temperatures recorded for the first time in the production sites caused the spread of diseases.

Speaking about the possible improvement of exports, the official estimated that export revenues are expected to rise following the improvement of the global health situation and the resumption of economic and trade activity in several countries.




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