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News » 08.04.2021 - Plant lovers ‘so happy to get out’ to garden centers as lockdown eases


It was a bright, cold day in April as the clocks struck 10 am and a popular garden centre opened to customers for the first time in three months.

A steady stream of plant lovers visited the West End Garden Center in Glasgow on Monday after it opened its doors to the public in the latest relaxation of lockdown measures.

Customer Anne McGregor said she had marked the day in her diary after relying on home deliveries, adding: “It’s great to see what’s there for yourself rather than on a website.”

She said: “I was keeping an eye on when it was going to reopen. I’ve got pots outside the house and it’s so nice to get some colour into them. Over the winter all the colour had gone, there are some green plants there, but this will add a splash of something brighter to the front door.”

Retired headteacher Janice Donaldson, 70, added she had been lining up her visit “the moment it was allowed”, adding: “I like my garden looking nice, I’ve got hanging baskets to do, and now things are looking up again.”

Owner Martin McCarron, 36, who opened the centre around two years ago, told PA the phone had been “ringing non-stop with people desperate for us to reopen” and that customers “have been so happy to get out”.

He said: “We’ve been doing home deliveries which has been reasonably busy but there is a big appetite to get out yourself.

“I think this lockdown made people appreciate plants. There is a lot more demand for people growing their own fruit and veg, there’s a big movement towards self-sufficiency and appetite for anything local.



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