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News » 08.04.2021 - Importance of SEO in the floral industry


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing traffic to your website through search engine results. The higher you rank in search results of search engines such as Google, the higher the chance of people visiting your website. Most people think of SEO and jump to keywords. While keywords are an important part of the practice, SEO consists of a lot more. Read on to find out how SEO benefits the floral industry, from farmers and wholesalers to marketers and florists.

Importance of SEO
The main reason SEO is integral to any business that has an online presence is because of the huge role it plays in all steps of the sales funnel. Affecting everything from awareness to research and conversion, SEO can be the difference between consumers reaching the conversion stage or giving up in the middle of the process. Therefore, understanding the customer and their needs at every stage of the funnel and optimizing content for them at every stage can help your conversions go through the roof.

Targeting Relevant Keywords
While SEO consists of more than just keywords, there’s no denying that these are important and can make a big difference when used correctly. Keywords help you target your audience – the more focused they are, the better since there’s a higher probability of your content being seen. Think about it – “roses” will result in millions of views but “white roses from Italy in Boston” will make the search much more specific.




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