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News » 23.02.2021 - Tulip harvest approaching in Siberia

The flowers of Siberian growers are not afraid of severe weather conditions and abnormal February frosts. Tulips have started blooming in the greenhouses of Krasnoyarsk.

Fifteen varieties of tulips are grown in the greenhouses of Krasnoyarsk. Each of them requires special care therefor mainly manual labor is used on all stages, from planting to cutting.

“We plant most of the bulbs in the same period. If we are a bit late, a bulb can partly open and remain undeveloped. A tulip is a capricious flower, we need to take care so that they do not get frost-bitten, get too hot or too dry,” shares the grower of the municipal enterprise, Department for Green Construction, Ms. Larissa Piterskaya.

Even though tulips are popular all the year round, hundreds of them have been planted specifically for the Women’s International Day.

“Tulips last two weeks in the vase. They love water, so if you keep adding it, the buds and the stems would keep growing. If originally the flower was 50 cm high, you can easily grow it to 70 cm,” noted the flower shop assistant, Ms. Marina Lavnichaya.



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